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Virginia Divorce Prince William County Louisa Fairfax Richmond Beach Loudoun Lynchburg Fredericksburg

Supreme Court of Virginia


The wife brought suit for divorce. The bills alleged that the wife resided in Prince William County, that the husband presently resided in Louisa County, and that the parties last cohabited in Prince William County and were the owners of real property in that County. The husband filed an answer admitting the allegations of the wife’s bill in those respects, but denied other allegations and prayed that a divorce be granted to him. The trial court ruled that the parties last cohabited as man and wife in Louisa County, that the husband was a resident of Louisa County, and that jurisdiction did not lie in Prince William County. It dismissed the wife’s application for divorce.

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Thor the movie, 5 minutes trailer, get it while it lasts here

Here’s is the 5 min video trailer of ”THOR the movie’ I wrote about few days ago, a highly anticipated movie coming up in May 2011. If you come here by search engine, I’m quite sure that you already spent your time crawling for this THOR trailer in the internet with no luck, yes,

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“Thor” the Movie – Thor movie trailer leaked

Marvel Comics is going to be all out this year, Thor is their project and will be released soon. I fortunately found a trailer here today

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