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Surgical Treatment Of A Hyperhidrosis

Surgical treatment of a hyperhidrosis

The surgery is the branch of medicine studying diseases; the basic method of treatment is a mechanical intervention in pathological process, both developing operative methods and receptions of treatment of these diseases.

The modern surgery demands from the surgeon not only skillful possession of operating techniques, but also profound knowledge of those biological and special disciplines on which the modern medicine is constructed. Successes of surgery of last decades, bound to working out of new operative receptions and approaches to a remote internal, have extremely dilated surgery area. A hyperhidrosis is the strengthened diaphoresis and a problem which can be solved by means of surgery.

Hyperhidrosis treatment by surgical way is an extreme measure; therefore it is necessary to resort to it in the event that you have tried all possible methods of conservative treatment: antiperspirants, deodorants, tablets, an iontophoresis, and injections of Botox

For the first time surgical treatment of a hyperhidrosis has been applied in Austria in 1946. For today the large quantity of methods of a surgical intervention for disposal of a hyperhidrosis is well known.

Surgical methods of treatment of a hyperhidrosis section on:

* central (sympathectomy)

* local operations.

Under local methods mean a liposuction of the axillary zone, the closed curettage of an axillary zone and as excising of a skin of an axillary zone, and to any of these methods it is possible to resort without especial dread therefore as the by-effect is minimum. The purpose of local methods is to reduce quantity of sweat glands that promotes diaphoresis depression. Operations are carried out through small punctures then do not remain cosmetic defects. 90 % of patients to which has performed similar operation are completely released from a hyperhidrosis problem, and from an unpleasant smell of sweat.

As a sympathectomy has its versions, such as: traditional operations, (a thoracal and cervical sympathectomy), the newest is an endoscopic sympathectomy (a destruction or cliping of a sympathetic trunk). It is necessary to concern a sympathectomy with all gravity: the by-effect can be expressed in development of a compensatory hyperhidrosis: in a number of the countries the sympathectomy is forbidden until all methods of conservative treatment will be used. Operation gives the guaranteed effect practically at all patients, and this effect remains eventually.

Surgical treatment of a hyperhidrosis is unique methods which will allow you to forget about a problem of the raised diaphoresis for ever. Certainly, it is necessary to concern surgical operations of this kind with a fantastic attention and gravity, but but, not with the least attention you would concern and any other operation, so you should be really careful and make the right choice of treatment of hyperdrosis.

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