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Acer's Aspire 5741G

Acer Aspire 5741 and Aspire 5741G, best buy laptop for office and entertainment

I will state my conclusion on Acer‘s Aspire 5741G first, its is a excellent workhorse, especially for office or entertainment use, but not for gaming and CERTAINLY not something you like on the aesthetic factor.

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2011 Ford Explorer

2011 Ford Explorer sneak peek

How this car became hot? It’s because the feel of crossovers against the trucky SUV. This green car is hot. We already know, that Ford is not a legend anymore, in sales i mean, Ford need to listen to their user for more. They get smashed by Japanese cars that nowadays offer flexibility, styles, and lower price. So how about this beauty?

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HP Envy 14 from Toshiba

HP Envy 14 Expert and basic user review compilation

HP has already launch the HP Envy 15 and HP Envy 17 widescreen, and now they go for HP Envy 14, which is mean only one thing, it got the 14 inch widescreen. this I am quite sure will heavily compete with MacBook Pro user. Wrapped in aluminum styles loaded with all premium features, slot loading DVD Burner with Blu-ray option available, backlit keyboard and glass screen, and mini-DisplayPort just like MacBook Pro 13. It is an ultra portable notebook which is only 5.25 pounds in weighing and only 1.1 inch thin.

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