All about iPhone screen repair, DIY or using third party service

iPhone screen is designed to be durable, but off course it’s not invisible. if it came to a certain condition of falling, or too much pressure, it will break/cracked and leaving this device useless.
iPhone is covered with 200-250$ part replacement guarantee and one year defect but it is only for special circumstances and not for accidental/abuse.
And when you are in this unusual circumstances and accidentally crack your iphone screen? How is it?

how to deal with this?



1. Do it Yourself
Note that replacing the screen yourself will violate the Apple guarantee. You can buy a $150 screen replacement tools which include the LCD and the assembly instruction.
Watch it : installation is marked with : “hard”
Read Note in the lowest part of the article first.

2. Do it Yourself part 2
The Glass screen will cost you around $70 and the LCD is $99, all you need is a suction cup and small screwdriver. Fortunately, Apple changed their design and the iPhone 3G front panel glass is not glued to the LCD

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